[PATCH] Warn people that ipchains and ipfwadm are going away.

Fao, Sean Sean.Fao at capitalgenomix.com
Wed Sep 22 16:19:07 CEST 2004

Richard B. Johnson wrote:

>I guess I'll have to convert 1340 lines of ipchains commands to
>iptables -yech!
>I had convert something to ipchains a couple of years ago.
>That's when I only had to kill-off only about 100 spam-hosts.
>Now I gotta convert again. Soon they'll be replacing `ls`
>with `echo *` and nothing will work.

iptables is a much better firewall than ipchains and, in my opinion, 
anybody using ipchains should upgrade to iptables.  I, for one, am quite 
pleased to see that ipchains will be removed.


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