Compiling ip_conntrack_core.c

Amit Gupta agupta at
Mon Sep 13 21:03:28 CEST 2004


I am new to linux and iptables and I am working on extracting the details
of the connection information from your conntrack module, as I need
information about every connection (like packet rate, byte rate... etc)
based on the src and dst addresses and the protocol its using, but when I
try to compile ip_conntrack_core.c it gives a lot of errors, is there any
way I can fix that as the code is supplied  with the iptables module and
it is in proper working condition since it shows the right results in

Please help me out as I am stuck.

Thank you

Amit Gupta
Masters Student
Elecrical and Computer Engineering
University of Arizona
Tucson (AZ)

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