Expectation is not getting changed to conntrack

Atanu.Mondal at infineon.com Atanu.Mondal at infineon.com
Mon Sep 6 10:18:25 CEST 2004

Hi All,

I have a following situation where for the SIP INVITE (with sdp data )
message I am building an expectation for messages with dst ip and dst
port. On receiving a 200 OK message(with sdp data) from the other side I
am building another expectation with dst ip and dst port on the opposite
direction. Now when my first expectation gets hit with a RTP packet with
the dst ip and dst port its gets changed to conntrack and is allowed.
But when on the opposite direction another RTP packet comes with the dst
ip and dst port of the second expectation, that expectation doesn't
changes to conntrack and the packet gets dropped. The situation gets
like one way the voice call is through and the other side it is blocked.
Does anyone have any idea what can be the reason ?

                           exp  0:0->B:b
                           exp  0:0->A:a'

phoneA                   Firewall                phoneB

ip A, port a-------------------RTP-------------->ip B, port b

ip A, port a' <--XXXXXXXXRTP dropped--  ip B, port b'

Atanu Mondal

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