[PATCH 2.4 0/18]: Netfilter resync with 2.6

Patrick McHardy kaber at trash.net
Tue Dec 21 10:41:40 CET 2004

David S. Miller wrote:

> Please don't put things like the Bitkeeper/etc/config changeset
> in your tree.  I can't pull in changes like that.
> Unfortunately, I can't even "bk undo -r" that bogus change since
> it's not at the tip of the tree.  And I don't want to "bk cset -x"
> the changeset since that leaves the history of this crap in there.

Oops, sorry, I can't even remeber when I put this in.

> Can you put together a clean tree without the Bitkeeper/etc/config
> change in it?  Thanks.

Sure, but it might take a few days.


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