[PATCH 2.4 0/18]: Netfilter resync with 2.6

Patrick McHardy kaber at trash.net
Mon Dec 20 08:14:03 CET 2004

Hi Dave,

the following 18 patches resync netfilter in 2.4 with 2.6.
They contains the ICMP+NAT fixes, Yasuyuki's IPv6 fixes
and two misc. fixes.

You can pull all changes from bk://


Patrick McHardy:
   o Merge coreworks.de:/home/kaber/src/nf/nf-2.4-misc into 
   o Merge coreworks.de:/home/kaber/src/nf/nf-2.4-nat into 
   o Merge coreworks.de:/home/kaber/src/nf/nf-2.4-ip6tables into 
   o [NETFILTER]: Fix stack leakage in iptables/ip6_tables
   o [NETFILTER]: Release dst_entry in PRE_ROUTING after NAT
   o [NETFILTER]: Verify NAT manips have been applied before reversing 
them in icmp_reply_translation
   o [NETFILTER]: Apply PRE_ROUTING manips in LOCAL_OUT for locally 
generated icmp errors
   o [NETFILTER]: Save a level of indentation in icmp_reply_translation
   o [NETFILTER]: Remove CONFIG_IP_NF_NAT_LOCAL config option
   o [NETFILTER]: Associate locally generated ICMP errors with conntrack 
of original packet

Phil Oester:
   o [NETFILTER]: revert MASQUERADE optimization for mostly static IPs

Yasuyuki Kozakai:
   o [NETFILTER]: Backport fixes for ip6tables
   o [NETFILTER]: Backport fixes for ip6t_rt
   o [NETFILTER]: Backport fixes for ip6t_multiport
   o [NETFILTER]: Backport fixes for ip6t_ipv6header
   o [NETFILTER]: Backport fixes for ip6t_hbh
   o [NETFILTER]: Backport fixes for ip6t_frag
   o [NETFILTER]: Backport fixes for ip6t_eui64
   o [NETFILTER]: Fix check for ESP header size in ip6t_esp
   o [NETFILTER]: Backport fixes for ip6t_dst
   o [NETFILTER]: Backport fixes for ip6t_LOG

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