[PATCH] Introducing the Change API

Patrick McHardy kaber at trash.net
Fri Dec 17 06:28:55 CET 2004

Harald Welte wrote:

>On Sun, Dec 05, 2004 at 09:23:53PM +0100, Patrick McHardy wrote:
>>I think that depends on what we want to do with ip_conntrack once
>>nf_conntrack is merged. Since I really don't feel like keeping
>>three codebases in sync (ip_conntrack 2.4 + 2.6 and nf_conntrack),
>>I would prefer to remove it. If we do this, it doesn't make much
>>sense to add further features to it. But I'm not sure what Harald's
>>and Krisztian's plans are for ct_sync, so they might disagree with me.
>I think we should move to nf_conntrack ASAP.  All new
>code/features/API's should be developed on top of nf_conntrack.  We
>really should put ip_conntrack into a maintainance-only mode once
>nf_conntrack becomes mainline.

>Actually I only want to do some nf_conntrack vs. ip_conntrack
>benchmarking, which I never got aroun doing up to now :(  With a little
>luck, I can do this over the weekend.  If the results are acceptable,
>nf_conntrack will be submitted maybe as soon as 2.6.11. 
I would like to give it some cleanup first. Since it doesn't need to
deal with ipchains compatibility there is a lot possible cleanup.
I will probably do this in the next couple of weeks.


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