GPL violation by router manufacturer Conceptronic

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Thu Dec 16 23:27:37 CET 2004

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Miguel Angel Alvarez wrote:
| Hi all!
|  I have found what may be (it surely seems to be) a GPL violation by
| Conceptronic (it was Tulip computers some years ago).
|  They sell a router, actual model is C100BRS4H. Their web page is
|, go to products->networking and you'll find it
| here.
|  A friend of mine bought one today.
|  I first ran nmap against this device, and identified it as running linux
| 2.4.18-2.4.20
|  Then I asked my friend to look for GPL notices and source code on the
| documentation and he could find none.
|  So, I went to the manufacturers web to look it myself, and could find no
| reference to linux or GPL code. What I found was and actual update to the
| router's ROM.
|  The download site is
| After i downloaded it (C100BRS4H_2.97.bin) and ran the strings command i
|  found the following significative strings:
|  webpages-6104k.bin
|  vmlinux.bin

Try this:

tail -c 1717886 C100.bin > webpages-6104k.bin.gz
tail -c 1652350 C100.bin > vmlinux.bin.gz

It's an MIPS kernel:
~  (Linux version 2.4.18-MIPS-01.00 (root at betty_linux) #318 ... 18:01:58 CST 2004)

If you look at the size of the firmware file, I'm not sure, if there are only
these two file in there...

~ Sven

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