[netfilter-core] [2.6 patch] net/ipv4/netfilter/: misc possible cleanups

Harald Welte laforge at netfilter.org
Wed Dec 15 10:03:22 CET 2004

On Wed, Dec 15, 2004 at 02:19:31AM +0100, Adrian Bunk wrote:
> The patch below contains the following possible cleanups:
> - make some needlessly global code static
> - remove the following unused global functions:
>   - ip_conntrack_core.c: ip_conntrack_expect_find_get
>   - ip_conntrack_core.c: ip_conntrack_unexpect_related
>   - ip_nat_standalone.c: ip_nat_protocol_register
>   - ip_nat_standalone.c: ip_nat_protocol_unregister
>   - ip_nat_helper.c: ip_nat_find_helper
> - remove the following unneeded EXPORT_SYMBOL's:
>   - ip_conntrack_standalone.c: ip_ct_find_helper
>   - ip_conntrack_standalone.c: ip_conntrack_unexpect_related
>   - ip_conntrack_standalone.c: ip_conntrack_expect_list
>   - ip_conntrack_standalone.c: ip_conntrack_put
>   - ip_nat_standalone.c: ip_nat_protocol_register
>   - ip_nat_standalone.c: ip_nat_protocol_unregister
>   - ip_nat_standalone.c: ip_nat_find_helper
> - remove the following unneeded EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL:
>   - ip_conntrack_standalone.c: ip_conntrack_expect_find_get

As you might be aware, netfilter/iptables has an enormously large
codebase (I'd say even larger than what is in the tree) in the so-called
patch-o-matic subsystem.  The abovementioned exports facilitate those
modulse, and A certain amount of those new modules (especially the ones
requiring the functions above) are scheduled for mainline inclusion over
the next couple of months.

>   - ipfwadm_core.c: ip_acct_ctl

This can be removed, yes.  Please be aware that ipfwadm and ipchains
will be removed soon (after 2.6.10 is out), so that won't be a problem
any more :)

> - remove the following variables that never change their values:
>   - ip_conntrack_ftp.c: ip_conntrack_ftp
>   - ip_conntrack_irc.c: ip_conntrack_irc

Mh, I don't really understand why this change was introduced.  My
original _irc code didn't have this global variable...  I'll try to
track the change and get back to you.

- Harald Welte <laforge at netfilter.org>             http://www.netfilter.org/
  "Fragmentation is like classful addressing -- an interesting early
   architectural error that shows how much experimentation was going
   on while IP was being designed."                    -- Paul Vixie
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