ip_nat|conntrack_h323.c on 2.6

Kevin McConnell kevymac at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 14 05:48:23 CET 2004

--- Max Kellermann <max at duempel.org> wrote:

> Hi,
> is there already a 2.6 port of the h323 conntrack
> helper? pom-ng has
> only an implementation for 2.4, and the info file
> says it requires
> linux < 2.6. If there is no port, I will do it.

I believe there is not a 2.6 port of the h323
conntrack helper at this time, as it's been asked on
this list several dozen times at least. The general
reply I've seen is that it was a pretty ugly hack to
get it working and that it needed to be completely
rewritten, and will ultimately be replaced by more up
to date transports. I'd say, since nobody replied to
it, that if you'd like to undertake porting it, that
many people on this list (including myself) would be
pretty greatful if you got working.

> Max

TIA ;)

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