How can I get these packets in the user space application?

Srinivas G. srinivasg at
Thu Dec 9 14:09:26 CET 2004

> On Wed, 8 Dec 2004, Srinivas G. wrote:
> > My question is: How can I get these packets in the user space
> > application?
> Depends on what you want to do with the packet. If you intend to have
> returned back to the kernel then QUEUE is the best action.
> If you only want to have them sent to userspace then a more lean
> may be desireable.
> Regards
> Henrik

Dear Henrik,

Actually I am new to network device drivers. Please spend some time to
read this mail.

Actually I need to send the packets to user space and then in the user
space I need to do some calculations on the packet data and then I want
to send the packet back to kernel space.

According to Mr. Ravi Kumar from there is a performance issue
in moving packets from kernel space to user space and then back to
kernel space. Even though, I need to transmit the packets from kernel to
user space and back to kernel space.

I have gone through the documents that are available in the 
Especially I read the netfilter-hacking-HOWTO-4.html document which
explains about iptables, NAT and netfilter. I mainly concentrated on
netfilter driver. My understanding is as follows.

I send the sample code in the previous mail to you. 

I understood that queue the packet for user space handling. Finally we
can issue 'nf_reinject' to send the packet into the network path again.

I understood the some of the concepts about 'setsockopt' mechanism in
the netfilter driver which is useful for processing the user space
commands in the kernel. 

I understood the topics from the following link.

My doubt is: How the user application can get the packet from the 'hook'
function? What APIs are used in the user space application to access the
packet from the hook function?

Thanks and regards,
Srinivas G

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