target for modifying conntrack timeout value

Patrick Schaaf bof at
Wed Dec 1 09:54:48 CET 2004

Hi Richard,

> I am thinking to use "ip_ct_refresh" to change the current value of
> conntrack. If it is feasible, the module shouldn't be too hard to write.

conntrack timeouts are set anew for each packet of the connection,
on input, as far as I can tell. Your calling ip_ct_refresh will at
most apply until the next packet of the connection comes by.

> My specific application is for SIP. SIP sends out REGISTER messages to the
> outside server. The server would send any call to the inside client via its
> NAT address. If the conntrack is no longer there, the inside client can't
> receive any SIP message and won't get any call. It needs to keep the
> conntrack active far larger than the 3 minutes default.

Ah. So you would want packet from client->server extend the timeout
to say six hours, so that the eventual incoming call signalling
server->client finds its way to the (hopefully not shut down or
rebooted) SIP end device behind the NAT box.

That should indeed work by calling ip_ct_refresh (ip_ct_refresh_acct
in 2.6, it seems) in e.g. filter, matching --dport 5060. Just make
sure you do it in front of any '-m state --state ESTABLISHED -j ACCEPT'

Go ahead, write such a target.

best regards

(btw, could you please not top-post?)

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