(was: Re: [ANNOUNCE] iptables-1.2.4 released)

Harald Welte
Tue, 23 Oct 2001 13:59:33 +0200

On Mon, Oct 22, 2001 at 11:54:23AM -0700, Brad Chapman wrote:
> Mr. Harald,

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> 	^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> 	Where did this domain come from? This is the second time I've seen this
> domain name.

Where should it have come from?  From a ICANN accredited domain registrar.
Rusty reserved the domain quite some time ago.  About one year ago the 
master DNS was transferred to me ( and I've created a couple of
email aliases (to be announced on the new homepage) as well as the (which has it's own IP address but is running on as well). is currently registered on somebody else, but he has registered
it for us and is in the process of transferring it to me. 

>  And where is Dare I hope that the new website for
>  Netfilter will appear somewhere in the domain?

The general issue is that the netfilter project has no master homepage and
no mirrors.  By announcing three homepages of equal rank we try to prevent
people from getting lost in case one of the sites is down.

In order to stay with this past decision, we don't have much of an option.
The only viable solution would be to do round-robin DNS (have three A records

I guess we will discuss this while meeting at Linux-Kongress 2001 (see my 
upcoming announcement).

> Brad

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