[libnetfilter_conntrack] configure: bump version to 0.0.100

Pablo Neira netfilter-cvslog-bounces at lists.netfilter.org
Thu Jul 16 11:56:10 CEST 2009

Gitweb:		http://git.netfilter.org/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi?p=libnetfilter_conntrack.git;a=commit;h=af40fee5655e4e13c8c7f74c1830fa5933eab025

        at  af40fee5655e4e13c8c7f74c1830fa5933eab025 (tag)
   tagging  8fe783ae7d4dba6366a2850a83941df11f8ae9a2 (commit)
  replaces  libnetfilter_conntrack-0.0.99
 tagged by  Pablo Neira Ayuso
        on  Thu Jul 16 11:55:57 2009 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
libnetfilter_conntrack 0.0.100 release
Version: GnuPG v1.4.6 (GNU/Linux)


Pablo Neira Ayuso (31):
      src: remove old deprecated API
      build: reset age interface since old API has been removed
      src: remove reminiscent of NFCT_DIR_ORIGINAL and old prototypes
      src: add support for GRE transport protocol
      src: add support for UDPlite transport protocol
      include: deprecate several header files with obsolete enums
      src: remove debian/ directory
      header: refresh nfnetlink_conntrack.h copy
      src: add initial DCCP support
      snprintf: remove duplicated protocol string definitions
      snprintf: fix missing protocol state support in XML output
      snprintf: fix output of GRE dstkey in XML
      parse: fix SCTP vtag parsing
      snprintf: fix missing port output in DCCP
      copy: add missing ATTR_DCCP_STATE in nfct_copy()
      src: add DCCP role attribute
      api: add new callback interface while keeping backward compatibility
      snprintf: perform strict checking for the protocol state value
      include: shrink helper name field to 16 bytes
      tcp: add support for SYN_SENT2 state
      src: recover some obsolete enums and constants not to break backward
      configure: this library requires libnfnetlink 1.0.0
      build: remove unrequired checking in the protocol information
      bsf: add support for IPv6 address filtering
      src: add support for DCCP 64-bits sequence number tracking
      headers: include u64 get/set prototype in libnetfilter_conntrack.h
      dccp: fix endianess in handshake_seq
      expect: add new callback interface while keeping backward compatibility
      src: unset all the callback handler in the nfct_close() path.
      configure: bump version to 0.0.100


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