[conntrack-tools] configure: bump version to 0.9.10

Pablo Neira netfilter-cvslog-bounces at lists.netfilter.org
Mon Jan 26 13:08:35 CET 2009

Gitweb:		http://git.netfilter.org/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi?p=conntrack-tools.git;a=commit;h=d649dbb66f55d2ae03f68b233b301df90c617b80

        at  d649dbb66f55d2ae03f68b233b301df90c617b80 (tag)
   tagging  9532b922795943b0ea24e18cc878b28b7833b92e (commit)
  replaces  conntrack-tools-0.9.9
 tagged by  Pablo Neira Ayuso
        on  Sun Jan 25 21:03:06 2009 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
conntrack-tools 0.9.10 release
Version: GnuPG v1.4.6 (GNU/Linux)


Pablo Neira Ayuso (48):
      headers: delete unused flags in conntrackd.h
      src: add network statistics via `-s network'
      src: add cache statistics via `-s cache'
      src: add run-time statistics via `-s runtime'
      sync-mode: remove unnecessary split lines
      conntrackd: fix missing \n in conntrackd -h
      cache_iterators: display the commit time taken in the logs
      cache_iterators: add total entries available in the cache to stats
      cache: fix ENOSPC errors due to over-population of inactive entries
      filter: skip filtering by state if the event has no state info
      run: show current netlink buffer size in `-s runtime'
      netlink: don't double the netlink buffer twice during resize
      src: constify hashtable parameter in hash() callbacks
      hashtable: use calloc instead of malloc + memset
      hashtable: check NULL instead of ! for pointers
      filter: add prefix ct_filter_ to hash and compare functions
      run: limit the number of iterations over the event handling
      src: rework of the hash-cache infrastructure
      cache: add status field to store the object status
      run: relax resynchronization algorithm when netlink overruns
      sync: unify tx_list and tx_queue into one single tx_queue
      ftfw: move helloing to ftfw_xmit()
      sync: add generic tx_queue for all synchronization modes
      sync: enqueue state updates to tx_queue
      network: do not re-set the message type in nethdr_set* functions
      src: support for redundant dedicated links
      src: rename overrun handler to resync handler
      src: remove register_fds hooks
      src: add state polling support (oppossed to current event-driven)
      cache: add objects statistics
      ftfw: add ResendQueueSize and deprecate ResendBufferSize clauses
      src: add `-s queue' and change `-v' behaviour
      conntrack: add -C command to display the counter
      src: obsolete `DestroyTimeout' clause
      conntrack: fix use of -u which is optional with -I
      cache_iterators: start a clean session if commit finds an entry
      cache: remove nl_exist_conntrack() function
      cache: mangle timeout inside nl_*_conntrack() functions
      src: don't clone when calling nl_*_conntrack functions
      src: change behaviour of `-t' option
      cache: move lifetime feature to main cache code
      src: add support for approximate timeout calculation during commit
      src: increase default PurgeTimeout value
      netlink: set IP_CT_TCP_FLAG_CLOSE_INIT for TIME_WAIT states
      doc: unset CommitTimeout by default
      doc: use 'From' instead of 'from' in the example configfiles
      doc: increase hashtable bucket size and limits in example files
      configure: bump version to 0.9.10


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