[conntrack-tools] build: bump version to 0.9.12

Pablo Neira netfilter-cvslog-bounces at lists.netfilter.org
Wed Apr 1 12:55:49 CEST 2009

Gitweb:		http://git.netfilter.org/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi?p=conntrack-tools.git;a=commit;h=4e157bdc610ce988a476c75fd331df5d29b7fde1

        at  4e157bdc610ce988a476c75fd331df5d29b7fde1 (tag)
   tagging  8180658a4881744c59903d35afd2166caa075068 (commit)
  replaces  conntrack-tools-0.9.11
 tagged by  Pablo Neira Ayuso
        on  Wed Apr 1 12:55:36 2009 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
conntrack-tools 0.9.12 release
Version: GnuPG v1.4.6 (GNU/Linux)


Jan Engelhardt (1):
      build: add m4 directory

Pablo Neira Ayuso (25):
      src: fix compilation issue in gentoo due to missing include limits.h
      doc: fix broken link to ulogd2 in the manual
      extensions: remove use of old libnetfilter API flags
      src: remove debian/ directory
      sync-mode: rename mcast_send_sync() to sync_send()
      sync-mode: rename mcast_iface structure to interface
      sync-mode: add abstract layer to make daemon independent of multicast
      sync-mode: rename mcast_track_*() by nethdr_track_*()
      sync-mode: add unicast UDP support to propagate state-changes
      sync-mode: fix wrong output stats refering lost/malformed packets
      sync-mode: save one tab inside switch, cleanup
      sync-mode: cleanup reminiscent of multicast dependency
      mcast: mcast_send() takes a const pointer to buffer
      sync-mode: change `multicast' by `link' for `-s' option
      parse: fix broken destination port address translation
      udp: fix missing scope_id in the socket creation
      mcast: remove several unused structure fields
      config: obsolete `ListenTo' clause
      sync-mode: fix broken dedicated-link change in multichannel layer
      conntrack: fix missing bits in `-C' command
      conntrack: add `-S' command to display kernel statistics
      conntrack: remove broken command checking code
      doc: set nice to -20 in example config files
      config: cleanup error reporting during config file parsing
      build: bump version to 0.9.12


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