[ulogd2] distrib: fix distcheck magic

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Fri Aug 15 21:45:17 CEST 2008

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 tagged by  Pablo Neira Ayuso
        on  Fri Aug 15 21:45:07 2008 +0200

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/C=DE/ST=Berlin/L=Berlin/O=Netfilter Project/OU=Development/CN=kaber/emailAddress=kaber at netfilter.org (4):
      : synchronize ULOG input plugin with current ulogd2 API (Eric Leblond)
      : fix crash in ULOG input plugin due to a free on invalid value (Eric Leblond)
      : fix a trivial typo in ULOG plugin code (Eric Leblond)
      Add IPv6 support, fix a few incorrect key assignments and make sure this doesn't

/C=DE/ST=Berlin/L=Berlin/O=Netfilter Project/OU=Development/CN=laforge/emailAddress=laforge at netfilter.org (78):
      add missing makefile
      add missing memset after malloc (Christian Hentschel)
      OPRINT: use pluginstance num_keys instead of plugin num_keys (Christian Hentschel)
      syslog_level is a string, not an int
      rename all linux list related structs/functs/macros to 'llist', since mysql is now cluttering the namespace by its 'list_add' function.
      implement reparse/reconnect on sighup
      fix typo
      add some bits about signals
      fix/cleanup logfile handling
      more verbose error reporting
      more verbose error reporting
      re-enable the reconnect support
      further cleanup
      convert pgsql module to new database API
      new database core api
      convert mysql to new DB api
      add mysql and pgsql subdirs
      comply with new naming convention
      make pgsql plugin compile (untested)
      schema support fixes
      todo update
      PGSQL_LIB not LIBS
      close_db() is a member function and not a global symbol
      we don't need RETF_FREE for stuf that isn't dynamically allocated
      add cleanup of dynamically allocated memory at end of plugin stack traversal
      use 'const char' in parser function
      add some more yet unfinished IPFIX output code
      don't "#include" a .c file but rather compile db.c on it's own
      forgot to rename some function calls with last commit
      add new 'ulogd_key_size()' function
      move plugin wildcard input key generation into core
      make ipfix output plugin compile (not yet functional)
      use driver's open_db routine
      introduce acinclude.m4 with macros for mysql,pgsql,sqlite3 and pcap detection.
      introduce subpackages for plugins
      introduce core timer handling
      further work on IPFIX output
      add support for get-counter-and-zero polling
      remove strerror function of db helpers and move error printing
      move error handling in plugin
      disabel SCTP for now :(
      add SCTP / DCCP todo
      add conditional compilation of mysql, pgsql, sqlite3 and pcap
      fix doc building
      further 'make dist' fixes
      now 'make dist-bzip2' finally works
      add debian package building support
      add some missing file to EXTRA_DIST
      clean up printpkt situation (now we no longer include .c files)
      - Cosmetic changes (tab indent struct initializers)
      introduce NFCT input plugin hash table for start/end timestamps. Based on an
      db.c warning fix
      rtnl.c warning fix (Christian Hentschel)
      timer.c: llist_del() fixup (Christian Hentschel);
      fix compiler warning (void/char) (Christian Hentschel)
      fix mysql output typo (Christian Hentschel)
      forward-port PgSQL memory leak fix from ulogd-1.x
      use correct vallue for db_ce (Christian Hentschel)
      fix output key initialization (Christian Hentschel)
      port is an integer value
      forward-port PROTO=0 fix from ulogd-1.24
      add include makefile
      fix some hahstable related bugs:
      add support for new 'seq_local' and 'seq_global' arguments
      - add IPFIX netfilter vendor specific fields for seq global/local
      fix pgsql port parsing
      commit some more ipfix work
      update aclocal
      configure --without-pgsql" or "configure --with-pgsql=no" should
      fix number of config entries in inppkt_ULOG plugin (Philip Craig)
      use correct libipulog.la libtool name (Philip Craig)
      move definition of ULOGD_LOGFILE_DEFAULT and ULOGD_CONFIGFILE to Makefile.am,
      Replace the libdir variable in ulogd.conf using the method
      Fix a minor memory leak for stack config statements (Philip Craig)
      If an optional key is not found, then leave source set to NULL. (Philip Craig)
      Move the printpkt functionality out of SYSLOG and LOGEMU, and into
      Add a printflow plugin is similar to the PRINTPKT plugin, but for flows.  It's

/C=EU/ST=EU/CN=Pablo Neira Ayuso/emailAddress=pablo at netfilter.org (96):
      Eric Leblond <eric at inl.fr>
      Holger Eitzenberger <heitzenberger at astaro.com>:
      Holger Heitzenberger <heitzenberger at astaro.com>:
      Holger Eitzenberger <heitzenberger.org at astaro.com>:
      Holger Eitzenberger <heitzenberger at astaro.com>:
      From: Eric leblond <eric at inl.fr>
      From: Pierre Chifflier <p.chifflier at inl.fr>
      From: Eric leblond <eric at inl.fr>
      From: Eric leblond <eric at inl.fr>
      From: Eric leblond <eric at inl.fr>
      From: Eric Leblond <eric at inl.fr>:
      From: Eric Leblond <eric at inl.fr>:
      From: Eric Leblond <eric at inl.fr>:
      From: Eric Leblond <eric at inl.fr>
      From: Eric Leblond <eric at inl.fr>:
      From: Eric Leblond <eric at inl.fr>:
      From: Eric Leblond <eric at inl.fr>
      From: Eric Leblond <eric at inl.fr>
      From: Eric Leblond <eric at inl.fr>
      From: Eric leblond <eric at inl.fr>
      From: Eric leblond <eric at inl.fr>
      From: Pierre Chifflier <chifflier at inl.fr>
      From: Pierre Chifflier <chifflier at inl.fr>
      From: Eric leblond <eric at inl.fr>
      From: Eric Leblond <eric at inl.fr>
      From: Eric Leblond <eric at inl.fr>
      From: Eric leblond <eric at inl.fr>
      From: Eric leblond <eric at inl.fr>
      From: Eric leblond <eric at inl.fr>
      From: Pierre Chifflier <chifflier at inl.fr>
      From: Pierre Chifflier <chifflier at inl.fr>
      From: Eric leblond <eric at inl.fr>
      From: Pierre Chifflier <chifflier at inl.fr>
      From: Eric leblond <eric at inl.fr>
      From: Eric leblond <eric at inl.fr>
      From: Pierre Chifflier <chifflier at inl.fr>
      remove old mysql and pgsql definitions
      From Eric Leblond <eric at inl.fr>:
      From: Eric Leblond <eric at inl.fr>:
      From: Eric Leblond <eric at inl.fr>:
      From: Eric Leblond <eric at inl.fr>
      From: Eric Leblond <eric at inl.fr>
      From: Eric Leblond <eric at inl.fr>
      From: Pierre Chifflier <chifflier at inl.fr> and Eric Leblond <eric at inl.fr>
      From: Eric Leblond <eric at inl.fr>
      From: Eric Leblond <eric at inl.fr>
      revert r7348
      Eric Leblond <eric at inl.fr>:
      Adds input key enumeration in order to address the fields
      Adds AF_BRIDGE and ARP header interpreter to BASE plugin
      revert r7369 until clarified
      Adds AF_BRIDGE and ARP header interpreter to BASE plugin
      This patch adds support for AF_BRIDGE to the PRINTPKT plugin, which allows to form log lines for packets coming from ebtables. Currently it supports IPv4, IPv6 and ARP.
      adds AF_BRIDGE support to IP2STR
      This patch adds a sample configuration for logging with ebtables through nflog out to LOGEMU and SYSLOG. It also fixes a config bug with ipv6 (log2)
      Sends one message for each connection event instead of two
      - implement a synchronous timer framework
      Improve fd_sets handling. Based on a previous patch from Holger Eitzenberger.
      add missing timer.h
      This patch adds oob.hook to the list of fields export to the databases. This
      IP2BIN filter convert IP address from host storage to a "binary" string which
      Minor indentation fix in ulogd_inppkt_NFLOG.c.
      When a plugin instance is used in multiple stack it is not necessary to
      This patch adds plist a linked list to the pluginstance
      An instance of NFLOG can now be use in multiple stacks. This is done
      A specific instance of NFLOG can now be use in multiple stacks. This is done
      This patch adds support for duplication of the message to be
      This patch updates included configuration file example by adding some plugins
      This patch contains two linked modifications in NFCT input plugin:
      This patch adds support of event type display in printflow filter. This is used
      This patch fixes a problem in SQL reconnection algorithm which is managed in
      Type of the raw.mac_len key was set to string but this is an unsigned
      Type of the raw.mac_len key was set to string but this is an unsigned
      This patch introduces a new plugin MAC2STR which is in charge
      This patch adds MAC address handling to the postgresql output plugin. This
      This patch adds MAC address handling to the postgresql output plugin.
      Length of MAC address was set to big and thus display was wrong. This
      Arp related key have to be optionnal to be able to use the IP2STR module
      An error in the type of an argument in the call to inet_ntop was causing IPv6
      This patch fixes a typo in an error message.
      The PRINTFLOW module had its own code for string conversion of IPv6 address.
      This patch is a port to the new libnetfilter_conntrack API of the NFCT
      DESTROY event were not correctly displayed due to a problem in event type
      This patch suppress a now unused option. Each database module
      add missing ulogd_filter_MAC2STR
      NACCT was IPv4 only and was heavily dependant of the order of NFCT keys.
      Fix an inconsistency of field naming among the different tables and
      This patch adds some example to the default configuration file. It modify
      fix PGSql types
      example for logging IPv6 packet to PGsql after a collect via NFLOG
      Fix a bug in definition of seq_global_ce macro.
      Add function INSERT_CT for conntrack
      Introduce function to convert binary data to printable strings.
      Update PostgreSQL schema to add the insert procedure for conntrack
      This patch adds oob.hook to the list of output key sof ULOG input plugin.
      This patchset adds support for the "numeric_label" option. For instance, it

/C=EU/ST=EU/CN=Patrick McHardy/emailAddress=kaber at trash.net (15):
      ulogd large file support (Andreas Lundin <lunde at dreamhosted.se>)
      : Ulogd2: code cleaning
      : ulogd2: fix ULOG input plugin
      openlog() to syslog for global ulogd log messages
      Dont ntohs() mac_len of ULOG, since it is not in network byte order
      Logs also ipulog_strerror() and strerror() within ULOG plugin
      Workaround of recvfrom() EAGAIN bug
      stores the converted syslog parameters set within config file
      Ulogd2: fix some indenting
      Ulogd2: fix db OUTPUT system
      [ULOGD PATCH] Fix multiple usage of DB output plugin.
      Print GID/MARK in printpkt.c
      Fix missing chunk for GID logging
      [ULOGD PATCH, RFC] Modify NFLOG to be able to use it with older libnetfilter_log

Eric Leblond (40):
      Set timestamp in NFLOG for INPUT and OUTPUT
      Fill every possible timestamp. It fills START timestamp for NEW packet and STOP timestamp for DESTROY packet
      Sync SQL fields with NFCT keys
      This patch adds a new function which insert or update connection tracking
      Modify the code by activating overrun handling if and only if the local hash is used (hash_enable=1 which is the default)
      adds some examples to the configuration file
      Source and destination addresses were put in ptr field of the target structure
      Fix the propagation through the stack
      New MARK-based filter
      Fix hexadecimal parsing in config file
      Use ULOGD_IRET_* as return for all interpreters
      Update configfile for MARK module
      Cleanup: fix error messages and indentation
      Fix NFCT/NFLOG plugin compilation when libraries use non-standard prefix.
      Fix warning in compilation due to missing include
      This patch is a backport of Jaap Keuter fix for PCAP output module.
      whitespace cleanup
      structure initialization cleanup
      suppress useless debugging message in the ULOG input plugin
      Remove obsolete dist-hook for svn
      Fix computation of allocated size for query
      Modify CFLAGS to have useful gcc warnings
      Minor IPFIX fixes
      Fix wrong casting warning during compilation
      Fix a trivial typo
      NFLOG: get full link layer header (requires >= 2.6.27)
      MAC2STR: add support for the new RAW MAC keys
      MAC2STR: Rename it to HWHDR
      cleanup: fix gcc warnings
      DB: update schemas to integrate the link layer information
      syslog: cleanly stops syslog
      cleanup: remove unused timeout parameter in function
      cleanup: fix compilation warning related to signed and unsigned comparisons
      cleanup: fix compilation warnings related to pointer comparisons
      cleanup: fix compilation warning about lack of parenthesis
      cleanup: fix warning about integer format
      cleanup: fix redefinition of TCP_URG key in printpkt
      cleanup: fix inappropriate initializations in ulogd.c
      cleanup: fix warning due to lack of parenthesis
      compilation: set -Wno-ununused-parameter in CFLAGS

Hugo Mildenberger (1):
      fix crash when SIGHUP is received.

Pablo Neira Ayuso (9):
      rework NFCT to use a generic hashtable
      improve netlink overrun handling of NFCT
      cleanup for key builder and fix IPv6 support and introduce 128-bits type
      improve overrun handling NFLOG
      check for required libraries for compilation in configure.in
      bump libraries dependencies to lastest release
      revert commit 3178606785161296dc5a1bd4d42d965db8b3e2cd
      NFLOG: minor cleanup
      distrib: fix distcheck magic

Pierre Chifflier (1):
      Store MAC in SQL databases only once

laforge (290):
      Initial revision
      rustys fixes merged in
      rustys patches merged in
      Initial revision
      first usable revision
      Initial revision
      logfile external
      Initial revision
      Various fixes due to Jan Echternachs comments on the mailinglist.
      reversed last change. James Morris corrected the correction (so I was right
      various bugfixes (tcp interpreter), output for boolean type
      pwsniff added
      config stuff added
      config testing stuff added
      added final flag to config_parse_file
      config file added
      made nlgroup + pluginpath configurable
      ulogd_log now a function
      added example config file
      email addresses changed
      email address change
      checksum added
      Major update. Almost everything has changed.
      - new syslog emulation output target
      huge reorganization for 0.9
      mysql autoconf detection
      small doc changes
      mysql didn't install before
      added support for multipart netlink messages. Updated docs
      added support for multipart netlink messages (new ULOG target)
      changed nlgroup to "1", which is the same as the libipt_ULOG default value
      added support for multipart netlink messages
      update to 0.91
      fixes _severe_ libipulog bug
      removed libipulog from this directory
      deleting libipulog from this dir
      updated to version 0.92
      configfile didn't respect autoconf's sysconfdir
      no makefile!
      - fixes segfault bug when packet received but no interpreters registered (reported by Drori Ghiora)
      fix minor bug in new ulogd_log macro (prevented additional args)
      added new generic get_word() function to do better parsing
      fixed bug: old code assumed host-order is little-endian :(
      ULOGD_RET_BOOL was unsupported ! (reported by Diego Torres)
      compile the right configfile path into ulogd
      changes ...
      added date and hostname printing to be more syslog-alike
      updated changes to reflect LOGEMU change, rules.make was missing some escaping
      0.95 changes
      Support for old MySQL databases (Alexander Janssen)
      documentation updates (no RH binary rpms anymore, ...)
      included --with-log-ip-as-string option
      more verbose comments, so people could actually understand it
      added hint to mailinglist
      added support for synchronous writes to ulogd_LOGEMU (Michael Stolovitzsky)
      moved doc-generation to distribution-time, not compile-time
      included DESTDIR support for easier packaging
      added initscript for RedHat-style distributions
      even more changes for 0.96
      glibc 2.0 compatibility
      added a few syntactic corrections
      Support for logfile cycling (SIGHUP handler)
      make it compile again (small bugfixes after sighandler checkin)
      added fix to handle read errors (prevent endless packet logs)
      i'm stupid... now it compiles
      export ipulog_errno
      3rd attemt to make it right :)
      license correction (explicitly use GPLv2)
      license correction (explicitly GPLv2)
      license correction (explicitly GPLv2) and debugging wrt. endless loops
      Fix MAC address printing if there is none (by Andrej Ota)
      update Changelog about LOGEMU MAC address bug
      Added Jakab Laszlo's support for PostgreSQL
      add pcap output TODO item
      old mysql detection was missing a '-D'
      command line option support
      Fix ICMP type logging problem (Martin Josefsson)
      add PROTO=%d line if not tcp/udp/icmp (by Martin Josefsson)
      add support for PCAP output
      typo fix
      more details on netfilter patch-o-matic
      fix bug in ulog_test.c
      fix -V version output
      add LOCALTIME interpreter
      - if ipulog_read fails, print errno and ulog_errno
      add logrotate.conf for ulogd (Anders K. Pedersen)
      make MYBUFSIZ constant a configuration parameter (bogdan dobrota)
      print version number after startup
      Changes for 0.98
      make ulogd_PCAP build conditional to the existance of pcap.h
      add missing files
      fix misspelled name of Bogdan Dobrota
      make sysconfdir/sbindir in case they don't exist (Aurelien)
      Fix typo in ulogd_BASE
      rename ulogd_LOCALTIME into ulogd_LOCAL, add local.hostname tag
      add support for string- and inet- logging of ipadresses to postgresql
      add postgresql example table
      fix include paths.
      todo update (add static linking + kernel-include)
      General code cleanup by Roberto Nibali:
      new ulogd requires '-d' to daemonize
      add support for alternate configfile
      signal handler has no return value
      include sys/socket.h for struct in_addr_t
      include <sys/socket.h> for sa_family_t; add typecasts to (struct in_addr) when calling inet_ntoa()
      add typecasts to (struct in_addr) when calling inet_ntoa()
      ulogd.h has moved
      increase version to 1.0pre1, we are just before 1.0 comes out
      more verbose error message
      fix typo
      big documenttion update, bring docs in sync with reality
      add cvs version
      can't see any endian problems anymore
      update specfile to 1.00
      update version information and copyright info
      update changelog for version 1.00
      we only have one ulogd.h, indeed
      postgresql include files are in /usr/include/postgresql
      make pcap detection work
      Add ulogd.8 manpage by  Joerg Wendland
      fixes the boolean case in the mysql plugin to use actual value instead of forcing "1" (Bob Hockney)
      Include fix for postgresql on redhat (Magnus Boden).
      Include posgresql+redhat fix (Magnus Boden). Might fix the Mandrake postgresql<->pgsql issue as well (unconfirmed)
      Fix broken OUTPUT timestamping since apparently kernel inits the sk_buff
      real fix for skb receive timestamp problem (Harald Welte), revert PCAP workaround
      This patch fixes so the pathes in ulogd.conf matches what you gave to
      use /lib/modules/`uname -r`/build instead of /usr/src/linux (Magnus Boden)
      change a couple of if/then/if/then constructs to use elif (Roberto Nibali)
      don't link mysql plugin with postgresql libs and vice versa (Magnus Boden)
      timestamp_usec contains crap if timestamp_sec == 0
      include pcap log in ulogd.logrotate (Magnus Boden)
      fix a bug where we've been running out of an array boundary (Magnus Boden)
      add support for setting of SO_RCVBUF socket option to libipulog and ulogd (rmem config file entry)
      check for more posgresql include paths (supposedly fixes problem with rh7.2)
      use mysql_real_connect for MySQL4 (Joerg Wendland)
      explicitly link against dynamic libs (Joerg Wendland)
      have to call mysql_init() before mysql_real_connect()
      use oob.time.sec instead of reading our own time
      i _did_ mean to call real_connect. sigh.
      make ulogd compile without any kernel headers (Joerg Wendland)
      crosscompile-ready makefiles/configure scripts for ulogd (Dan Eble)
      remove unused variables
      remove unused functions/variables, fix wrong printf paramtypes (-Wall)
      make Makefiles ready for cross-compiling/linking
      fix various compiler warnings
      update version to 1.01, update changelog and documentation.
      add manpage
      add support for missing tcp/udp/icmp header fields (checksum and others)
      fix printing of time, bug introduced in 1.01 (Henry Yang)
      new configuration file syntax (Magnus Boden)
      add error message in case somebody tries to use 'raw' type with mysql output plugin.  This is to be replaced with support for BLOB, as soon as somebody writes ist ;)
      add 'real' syslog target (untested)
      fix output if file exists and has a size of zero bytes (Yoshihiro Kawabe)
      print AH/ESP SPI like ipt_LOG.c (Yoshihiro Kawabe)
      check if messages are really coming from kernel (nl_pid == 0)
      add 'tmpstr' variable declaration again... it is needed for the --log-ip-as-string option (which I never liked anyway ;))
      don't overwrite existing config files
      add some more TODO
      fix number of keys to register (Martin Josefsson)
      fix ulogd_PCAP compilation (Marrtin Josefsson)
      - fix int/pointer issue
      - bump version number
      - add .init and .fini member to output plugin
      - make hostname optional, not mandatory (Andrejs Dubovskis)
      - use C99 struct initializers
      - use C99 struct initializers
      actually call init() and fini() functions of plugins (Martin Josefsson)
      start to reorganize tree for new architecture
      further tree changes
      further tree reorganization
      add core select() routine and (un-)registration functions
      add dummy flow input plugins
      move libulog specific code to ulogd_inppkt_ULOG.c
      move more stuff from ulogd.c to libulog plugin
      - add ipfix field types
      merge ulogd-1 fix for TOS byte (Rich Bartell)
      some thoughts about ulogd2 architecture
      add linux list api
      sume of the BASE stuff (the part dealing with OOB) doesn't belong in a generic packet interpreter but is rather specific to the ULOG input plugin.
      commit my latest changes from Ottawa (July 2004)
      add pluginstance stack parsing/building routines
      - remove 'config_entry_t' typedef. use structure name.
      intermediate development snapshot
      add some more skeleton code
      minor cosmetic updates
      add file descriptor handling of main select loop, fix typo, update copyright notice
      add makefiles for subdirs
      fix conffile compilation
      add netfilter ipfix vendor id
      current working state (doesn't compile yet)
      make BASE plugin compile (not fully ported yet)
      current snapshot (still not compiling)
      further cleanup
      add half-finished ctnetlink flow import
      update copyright notice
      minor updates
      fix plugin output type
      add (unfinished) nfnetlink_log input plugin
      unfinished ctnetlink -> nfnetlink_conntrack changes
      some more work
      move pcap to right directory
      too many changes to comment on.  ulogd now compiles again.
      get rid of directory
      first step towards automake
      more work towards automake'ing
      bring NFLOG input plugin into compiling state
      further implementation of ctnl input plugin (still incomplete)
      disable CTNL until it is finished
      disable ULOG until fully implemented
      libtool requires libraries to start with lib
      use new init function logic
      revive BASE plugin
      allow for plugins that don't have any config keys
      fix resolving of key dependencies
      use reasonable names for plugins
      add skeleton of ifindex->interfacename plugin
      add "pass 3" that actually starts the plugins within a stack
      this is a packet/packet filter
      all protocols now merged into one plugin
      port PCAP to ulogd2
      move config file parsing into per-instance configure function
      port SYSLOG plugin to ulogd2
      fix off-by-one bugs in netlink parsing, add config file parsing and better error handling
      remove unused code
      remvoe unneeded structure members
      fix off-by-one (maxfd) in select call
      remove dead code; move configuration loop to right place
      make syslog compile
      commit 592b677e4c57add8eb1719124ddca09bb7ae34af
      forward-port pcap fixes from ulogd-1.x
      merge changes from 1.x
      merge changes from 1.x
      add sqlite3 from 1.x
      merge changes from 1.x
      missing include
      changelog from 1.2x
      merge core changes (mainly syslog support) from 1.x
      cosmetic changes
      update copyright notice
      update readme and todo
      semi-complete mysql output plugin port
      add automake makefile
      implement ifindex to interface name filter plugin
      cleanup unused structs / members
      fix signing issues
      only conditionally copy input/output keys if they actually exist
      further bits of the per-flow input plugin
      ad another makefile
      remove config.guess/config.sub
      rename ctnl to nfct
      rename CTNL to NFCT
      make NFCT plugin compile
      fix parsing of config file
      it's now libnetfilter_log, not libnfnetlink_log
      don't return '*', but an empty string in case no interface is found
      add more ipfix related information to raw2packet_BASE
      add some more ipfix related information to NFCT
      just some very early skeleton code for IPFIX exporting
      finish port of OPRINT target
      use accessor functions as available by latest libnetfilter_log
      add netfilter specific information elements
      - add IPFIX field id's
      add 'sync' config option
      we only need to link against libnetfilter_log
      - fix endianness of ip address / port numbers
      update copyright statement
      port PWSNIFF
      move to filter dir
      use automake, move header file
      finish port of PWSNIF plugin
      finish port of ULOG input plugin
      introduce version field for plugins, refuse loading plugins with different version
      distribute a reasonable config file template
      update documentation somewhat
      fix multiple stacks
      add autogen.sh
      more known TODO
      fix dozens of compiler warnings/errors.  one step closer to compilation.
      use bitmask instead of enum for input/output data type
      make 'num_keys' an attribute of pluginstance instead of plugin
      some plugins support packet and flow data types
      finally fix up MYSQL module to build correctly
      it's now called "group" parameter, not nlgroup
      get rid of that old dir
      remove bogus comment (code was fixed, comment not removed)
      we forgot to set num_keys() correctly.

regit (1):
      Fix crash when using NFCT with hash_enable=0.

root (1):
      static .


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