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Mon Jan 16 01:01:35 CET 2006

Author: laforge at netfilter.org
Date: 2006-01-16 01:01:35 +0100 (Mon, 16 Jan 2006)
New Revision: 6420

ulogd related homepage fixes

Modified: trunk/homepage/xml/projects/ulogd/downloads.xml
--- trunk/homepage/xml/projects/ulogd/downloads.xml	2006-01-15 18:26:00 UTC (rev 6419)
+++ trunk/homepage/xml/projects/ulogd/downloads.xml	2006-01-16 00:01:35 UTC (rev 6420)
@@ -13,14 +13,14 @@
 <title><command>ulogd</command> Releases</title>
-<section id="ulogd-2.00beta1">
-<title>2005-Jan-09: ulogd-2.00beta1</title>
+<section id="ulogd-2.0.0beta1">
+<title>2005-Jan-09: ulogd-2.0.0beta1</title>
-		<ulink url="files/ulogd-2.00beta1.tar.bz2">
-			ulogd-2.00beta1.tar.bz2
-		</ulink>: <ulink url="files/ulogd-2.00beta1.tar.bz2.sig">
+		<ulink url="files/ulogd-2.0.0beta1.tar.bz2">
+			ulogd-2.0.0beta1.tar.bz2
+		</ulink>: <ulink url="files/ulogd-2.0.0beta1.tar.bz2.sig">
 			GPG signature
 		</ulink> (<ulink url="/files/coreteam-gpg-key.txt">key</ulink>) :
 		md5sum 8039543e0b1c52e1fb2e21bef3f1f437

Modified: trunk/homepage/xml/projects/ulogd/index.xml
--- trunk/homepage/xml/projects/ulogd/index.xml	2006-01-15 18:26:00 UTC (rev 6419)
+++ trunk/homepage/xml/projects/ulogd/index.xml	2006-01-16 00:01:35 UTC (rev 6420)
@@ -14,22 +14,29 @@
 <section id="whatis">
 <title>What is ulogd?</title>
-<command>conntrack</command> is a userspace command line program targeted at
-system administrators.  It enables them to view and manage the in-kernel
-connection tracking state table.
+<command>ulogd</command> is a userspace logging daemon for netfilter/iptables
+related logging.  This includes per-packet logging of security violations,
+per-packet logging for accounting purpose as well as per-flow logging.
+<command>ulogd</command> comes in two flavours: <command>ulogd-1.x</command> has been around since 2000 and is the stable series.  All production systems should use the stable series at this time.  <command>ulogd-2.x</command> is currently in beta stage.
 <section id="depends">
-<command>ulogd</command> requires <olink
+<command>ulogd-1.x</command> requires nothing netfilter-related.  If you need SQL database output suport, you will need the header files of the respective libraries.
+<command>ulogd-2.x</command> requires <olink
 target="projects-libnetfilter_log">libnetfilter_log</olink> for nfnetlink_log
 based logging, and <olink
 target="projects-libnetfilter_conntrack">libnetfilter_conntrack</olink> for
-connection (flow) based logging using ip_conntrack_netlink.  For both
-libraries, you need a kernel that supports the respective kernel-level
-interfaces.  Among officially released kernels, this means 2.6.14 or later.
+connection (flow) based logging using ip_conntrack_netlink or
+nf_conntrack_netlink.  For both libraries, you need a kernel that supports the
+respective kernel-level interfaces.  Among officially released kernels, this
+means 2.6.14 or later.

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