[netfilter-cvslog] CVS update: netfilter-ha/ct_sync

Krisztian Kovacs hidden@cvs.netfilter.org
Mon, 19 Jul 2004 12:48:08 +0200

Date:	Mon Jul 19 12:48:08 2004
Author:	hidden

Update of /cvsroot/netfilter-ha/ct_sync
In directory coruscant.gnumonks.org:/tmp/cvs-serv21483/ct_sync

Modified Files:
	ct_sync.h ct_sync_main.c 
Log Message:
Fixed handling of masqueraded connections: instead of interface index, the
interface name is sent to other nodes, which look up the proper index when
updating the conntrack entry. (This is far from perfect, because it
assumes that the interface names match on the nodes, but I don't have a
better idea...)

ct_sync.h		1.17 => 1.18
ct_sync_main.c		1.31 => 1.32