[netfilter-cvslog] CVS update: netfilter-ha/ct_sync

Krisztian Kovacs hidden@cvs.netfilter.org
Thu, 01 Jul 2004 13:25:08 +0200

Date:	Thu Jul  1 13:25:08 2004
Author:	hidden

Update of /cvsroot/netfilter-ha/ct_sync
In directory coruscant.gnumonks.org:/tmp/cvs-serv11900/ct_sync

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Fix deadlock problems related with the send ring's spinlock. Because that
ring is used by from the notifier functions (softirq context), we have
to use spin_{lock,unlock}_bh() for locking. Furthermore, we must not hold
the lock while calling blocking functions (for example: send...).

ct_sync_proto.c		1.22 => 1.23