[netfilter-cvslog] CVS update: netfilter/patch-o-matic/userspace

Martin Josefsson gandalf@netfilter.org
Thu, 24 Apr 2003 16:54:07 +0200

Date:	Thu Apr 24 16:54:07 2003
Author:	gandalf

Update of /cvsroot/netfilter/patch-o-matic/userspace
In directory kashyyyk:/tmp/cvs-serv25801/userspace

Modified Files:
Log Message:
Fix clash between NFC_TRACE and NFC_IP_PROTO_UNKNOWN.
Change define order in netfilter.h to be more logical
and add comment so this won't happen again.

Problem noticed and tracked down by Joakim Axelsson <gozem@linux.nu>

raw.patch		1.6 => 1.7