[Bug 1472] [sets] global named sets that can be utilised across families

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Sat Sep 26 12:06:08 CEST 2020


--- Comment #1 from vtolkm at gmail.com ---
something curious going on there, now with a netdev conf changed to:

ether type 0x8005 log flags all prefix "nd et 805 DROP: " drop;
ether type 0x0806 log flags all prefix "nd et arp DROP: " drop;
ether type 0x8068 log flags all prefix "nd et 068 DROP: " drop;
ether type 0x8100 log flags all prefix "nd et vlan DROP: " drop;
ether type 0x880C log flags all prefix "nd et 80C DROP: " drop;
ether type 0x8847 log flags all prefix "nd et 847 DROP: " drop;
ether type 0x8848 log flags all prefix "nd et 848 DROP: " drop;
ether type 0x9000 log flags all prefix "nd et 000 DROP: " drop;

the log even prints:

[Sat Sep 26 09:54:48 2020] nd et vlan DROP: IN=eth2 OUT= ARP HTYPE=1
PTYPE=0x0800 OPCODE=1 MACSRC=78:ba:f9:73:f5:74 IPSRC=
MACDST=00:00:00:00:00:00 IPDST=


This a bit unsettling, not knowing whether the logs prints erroneously or the
netdev filter firing wrong.

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