[Bug 1410] STATELESS, rules with notrack into a map

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--- Comment #2 from e.lohmann at mdex.de ---
Hi Pablo,

thanks for your answer. No, what I like to do in RAW is the same I do in NAT

dnat to ip daddr map { :, : }

This reads as follows: if packets send _to_ IP address, the rewrite
destination address to and so on.

snat to ip saddr map { :, : }

This reads as follows: if packets came _from_ IP address, the rewrite
source address to and so on.

With this mechanism we map public ip addresses to private and vice versa.
With 2 or more internet access points it's possible that traffic for an address
comes in on point A and left the system on point B. The STATEFULL Rules on
point B are NOT working if the IP packet is e.g. TCP, ICMP and NOT new.

What I try to accomplish in raw is, that this can be done without any conntrack
state for all packtes in raw.

Right now there is no way to create a map in raw and do address rewrite.

Regards, Eike

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