[Bug 1253] interface wildcard in variables causes Error: Byteorder mismatch: expected big endian, got host endian

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Florian Westphal <fw at strlen.de> changed:

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--- Comment #1 from Florian Westphal <fw at strlen.de> ---
(In reply to Ian Kumlien from comment #0)
> if you do:
> define $interfaces = {
>   tun*,
>   lo
> }
> and then using that variable:
> iifname $interfaces accept
> results in:
> Error: Byteorder mismatch: expected big endian, got host endian

Yes, problem is that
iifname { "tun*", "lo" }

cotains a "*".

> but if i do:
> iifname tun* accept
> it works.

Yes, in this case we just do "iifname tun", with the difference that we compare
3 bytes instead of 4 (with a \0 character).

For the lookup case, we can't do it, as no cmp happens, we instead pass
the interface name as key to the set lookup function, i.e. the "*" will never
match, as we can't know that we only should lookup "tun", not e.g. "tun0" or

So, its likely we need to present a better error message rather than this
obscure followup error.

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