[Bug 1228] New: [REGRESSION] nft cannot load big set anymore

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            Bug ID: 1228
           Summary: [REGRESSION] nft cannot load big set anymore
           Product: nftables
           Version: unspecified
          Hardware: x86_64
                OS: other
            Status: NEW
          Severity: normal
          Priority: P5
         Component: nft
          Assignee: pablo at netfilter.org
          Reporter: oleksandr at natalenko.name

Created attachment 530
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Huge set


After nft v0.8.1 is released, I cannot load my huge set of blackholes anymore.
nft just eats CPU at 100% while loading the rules. I've waited for 5 minutes
before killing it. v0.8.0 performed the load well in ~15 seconds.

Next, I've recompiled the nft v0.8.2 with the debug info and then attached to
it with gdb while it wastes CPU to get a backtrace:

(gdb) bt
#0  0x00007fc9593d134b in __gmpz_cmp () from /usr/lib/libgmp.so.10
#1  0x00005600a1cb1097 in interval_overlap (e1=e1 at entry=0x5600aaf5efc0,
e2=e2 at entry=0x5600addf0240) at segtree.c:350
#2  0x00005600a1cb1794 in intervals_overlap (keylen=<optimized out>,
intervals=<optimized out>, msgs=<optimized out>)
    at segtree.c:386
#3  set_to_segtree (merge=<optimized out>, add=true, tree=0x7fff36409230,
init=0x5600a2fdc590, set=0x5600a2fdbe10, 
    msgs=0x7fff36409490) at segtree.c:416
#4  set_to_intervals (errs=0x7fff36409490, set=set at entry=0x5600a2fdbe10,
init=0x5600a2fdc590, add=add at entry=true, 
    debug_mask=<optimized out>, merge=false) at segtree.c:586
#5  0x00005600a1c94fe0 in do_add_set (flags=0, set=0x5600a2fdbe10,
h=0x5600a2fdcaf0, ctx=0x7fff364093e0) at rule.c:1015
#6  do_command_add (ctx=0x7fff364093e0, cmd=0x5600a2fdcab0,
excl=excl at entry=false) at rule.c:1054
#7  0x00005600a1c967a7 in do_command (ctx=ctx at entry=0x7fff364093e0,
cmd=cmd at entry=0x5600a2fdcab0) at rule.c:1805
#8  0x00005600a1c810e5 in nft_netlink (nf_sock=0x5600a2fdbb50,
msgs=0x7fff36409490, state=0x7fff364094a0, nft=0x5600a2fdba20)
    at libnftables.c:47
#9  nft_run (nft=nft at entry=0x5600a2fdba20, nf_sock=0x5600a2fdbb50,
scanner=scanner at entry=0x5600a2fdbb90, 
    state=state at entry=0x7fff364094a0, msgs=msgs at entry=0x7fff36409490) at
#10 0x00005600a1c817dc in nft_run_cmd_from_filename (nft=0x5600a2fdba20,
filename=0x7fff3640be70 "/etc/nftables.conf")
    at libnftables.c:323
#11 0x00005600a1c80799 in main (argc=3, argv=0x7fff36409d58) at main.c:276

I think this has something to do with the changes related to checking for
overlapping ranges introduced in v0.8.1.

Here is how the set gets loaded:

table inet filter {
       set blackhole {
               type ipv4_addr
               flags interval
               include "/etc/nftables-blackhole.conf"

I'm attaching the nftables-blackhole.conf file to this ticket too.

Could you please fix this?


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