[Bug 1220] Reverse path filtering using "fib" needs better documentation

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--- Comment #2 from Felix Dreissig <f30 at f30.me> ---
(In reply to Florian Westphal from comment #1)
> When 'saddr . iif' is used, the kernel is supposed to also
> check that oif == iif; i.e. it return iif (oif and iif are the same and
> thereforce reply would leave via iif/oif), or 0 (no route or route via
> different interface).
> Does that make sense to you?

Kind of – it is the behavior I already assumed and it enables my use case, but
I wouldn't call it intuitive.

Does this additional check only apply for `saddr . iif`, or also for other keys
like `saddr` alone?

> I'll try to add something to nft man page to cover this.

That sounds good.

Adding a note to the wiki page [1] would be nice as well. I'd also do that
myself, but it seems like new accounts cannot be created.

[1] https://wiki.nftables.org/wiki-nftables/index.php/Routing_information

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