[Bug 1201] Some filters randomly do not work since version 0.8

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Thu Nov 9 15:20:08 CET 2017


--- Comment #2 from Louis Sautier <sautier.louis at gmail.com> ---
I compiled v0.8 but the offending commit and I don't have the issue any more.
If anyone runs into the same issue, they can apply this patch instead of

diff --git a/src/netlink.c b/src/netlink.c
index 2882190..59e8918 100644
--- a/src/netlink.c
+++ b/src/netlink.c
@@ -1293,8 +1293,6 @@ static int netlink_add_set_batch(struct netlink_ctx *ctx,
                if (set->desc.size != 0)
                        nftnl_set_set_u32(nls, NFTNL_SET_DESC_SIZE,
-       } else if (set->init) {
-               nftnl_set_set_u32(nls, NFTNL_SET_DESC_SIZE, set->init->size);

        udbuf = nftnl_udata_buf_alloc(NFT_USERDATA_MAXLEN);

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