[Bug 914] nft configure does not use --prefix as include/lib search path

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--- Comment #3 from Phil Sutter <phil at nwl.cc> ---
AFAICT, '--prefix' option is not even meant for that. It just alters DESTDIR
variable used for installing. In order to build nftables against a specific
libnftnl installed at $libpath (via '--prefix=$libpath' in libnftnl's
configure), one has to call nftables configure like so:

./configure LIBNFTNL_LIBS="-L${libpath}/lib -lnftnl" \

But this will cause the resulting nft binary to be dynamically linked. So upon
execution, ${libpath}/lib has to be added to LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

I personally build libnftnl static to overcome this, then I can build nftables
like so:

./configure LIBNFTNL_LIBS="${libpath}/lib/libnftnl.a" \

This causes the resulting nft binary to be statically linked against libnftnl
and therefore I don't have to adjust LD_LIBRARY_PATH upon execution.

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