[Bug 1117] Table ipv4-nat prerouting dnat doesn't accept dest IP:PORT

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Fri Feb 3 14:19:04 CET 2017


--- Comment #1 from Jan <jan at purepeople.be> ---
with kernel 4.4 (std ubuntu) and nftables 0.5
root at ctrl-ma-g8-1:~# nft add rule ip nat prerouting iif public tcp dport 9999
root at ctrl-ma-g8-1:~# nft list ruleset
table ip nat {
    chain prerouting {
        type nat hook prerouting priority -150; policy accept;
        iif public tcp dport 9999 dnat 

    chain postrouting {
        type nat hook postrouting priority -150; policy accept;
        oif public ip saddr masquerade 
        ip saddr masquerade 

things work....
IIRC on 4.8.11, things work too

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