[Bug 888] Assertion errors attempting a statement which (I believe) is grammatically correct.

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--- Comment #5 from Yuxuan Shui <yshuiv7 at gmail.com> 2014-06-05 21:05:11 CEST ---
(In reply to comment #4)
> Including Patrick in this bug, in case he's got some better idea to address
> this.
> Currently, we can only use the implement 'eq', ie.
>   ip saddr { }

This is not actually an OP_EQ, it's an OP_IMPLICIT which later tranlated to
OP_LOOKUP. Currently there's no way to explicitly specify OP_LOOKUP.

> But we should be able to support this:
>   nft add rule ip filter input ip saddr != { }

It seems there're no negative lookup implementation in nft now. If we are going
to support this we have to implement a negative lookup operation.

Also I think '!=' is not a good operator for this, what about "notin" (also use
"in" for OP_LOOKUP)?

> it says:
>   BUG: invalid expression type set
>   nft: src/evaluate.c:955: expr_evaluate_relational: Assertion `0' failed.
>   Aborted
> My proposal is to add a NFT_LOOKUP_NEG whose attribute type is NLA_FLAG when
> validating in nft_lookup.c to support "negative" lookups. The corresponding
> libnftnl and nftables are required as well.

(Well I didn't read this part when typing above paragraphs). I think I could do

> Please, Shui let us know how this is going.

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