[Bug 869] Segmentation fault when listing table/set

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Fri Oct 25 16:21:56 CEST 2013


--- Comment #1 from ave_it_son1 at hotmail.com 2013-10-25 16:21:56 CEST ---
Deleting the set has fixed it.

root at Deb1:/home/alex/nftables# nft delete set filter ipv4_ad
root at Deb1:/home/alex/nftables# nft list table filter
table ip filter {
        chain input {
                 type filter hook input priority 0;

        chain forward {
                 type filter hook forward priority 0;

        chain output {
                 type filter hook output priority 0;

What does the 'filter' section of the command above refer to? The guide says to
use 'global' but it does not allow me to enter this.

root at Deb1:/home/alex/nftables# nft add set global ipv4_ad { type
internal:0:0-0: Error: Could not add set: No such file or directory

As it took 'filter' as a replacement for 'global' I had assumed they were
somehow linked to the table name.

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