[Bug 829] Should not need to turn on --verbose to --list to show interface

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Tue Jun 18 20:05:35 CEST 2013


Geoff Winkless <netfilter at geoff.dj> changed:

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--- Comment #2 from Geoff Winkless <netfilter at geoff.dj> 2013-06-18 20:05:35 CEST ---
So you're suggesting that because a bad decision was made before that that
decision should remain?

If you were to continue that backwards then netfilter should never have existed
because my ipchains scripts on slackware worked perfectly, thanks very much.

Your suggestion that setting up an alias would resolve the problem is even more
ridiculous; now that I know about the stupid -v flag I won't have to make the
same mistake again, the problem was that I did not and therefore wasted time
trying to decipher output that was basically nonsensical.

If you want people's scripts to continue to work (IMO an invalid position, but
I at least see the point of view) then at the very least you could add extra
output to the usage output that points out the deficiency in the default

Even closing the bug as INVALID is basically nonsensical - the bug itself is
not invalid, you can mark it as WONTFIX, if you want, but the bug is inarguably
valid - the output is illegible without the listed interface.

I'm sure you'll just re-mark as INVALID, because the kind of attitude that
writes this kind of ignorant and unhelpful response suggests that you're more
than happy that the software you write is incomprehensible to users except
those l77t enough to know the magical -v flag. To be frank the whole design has
always given me exactly that impression since its inception.

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