[Bug 847] Owner matching fails on listening socket

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--- Comment #1 from Phil Oester <netfilter at linuxace.com> 2013-08-27 01:32:15 CEST ---
First, please use ports that don't differ by only one digit in your examples. 
Note how I used 7777 vs 8888 below, which make spotting the difference much

Anyhow - seems to work fine for me in 3.10+:

# uname -r

# iptables -V
iptables v1.4.18

# iptables -A OUTPUT -p tcp --sport 8888 -m owner --uid-owner 1000 -j REJECT

[phil at linuxace ~]$ id
uid=1000(phil) gid=1000(phil) groups=1000(phil)

[phil at linuxace ~]$ echo hi | nc -p 8888 bathroom.mit.edu 79
Ncat: Connection refused.

[phil at linuxace ~]$ echo hi | nc -p 7777 bathroom.mit.edu 79    
Random Hall Bathroom Server v2.1

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