[Bug 680] Packets disappear after NAT on 2nd gateway

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--- Comment #6 from Richard Lucassen <rl-20100926 at xaq.nl>  2011-08-26 14:54:09 ---
(In reply to comment #5)
> I'm having exactly the same problem. Kernel is I
> tested the solution (adding the route) and works. Anyhow, it's only usefull for
> testing, as the IP address of the "external user" varies and I can't change the
> default route. I tried marking this nat'ed service's packets with --set-mark
> and creating a rule (with ip rule add) to match them and use a special routing
> table for them, but it doesn't work.
> Despite the priority this issue receives and when or if it will be solved, I
> dissagree to consider it "an enhacement", as there isn't a way of implementing
> the same functionality in an alternative way.

I set up a server to search for the bug. The problem is definitely in the ipv4
Large Receive Offload. This is what I did:

untarred 2.6.29
patched to 2.6.30-rc5
I configured it
compiled it: works


cp -a rc5 dir to rc6 dir
make oldconfig
--> new option: INET_LRO
switched INET_LRO to off
compiled: works


switched INET_LRO to on
compiled: bug is back

I'll inform the writers of this module. To be continued.


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