[Bug 719] ipset restore fails randomly

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--- Comment #5 from martin barrowcliff <martinbarrowcliff at gmail.com>  2011-08-10 19:34:11 ---
I have looked at version 6 however I have not yet attemped to convert all my
to the required, more technical v6 format. 
It took me a long time to become memory familiar and proficient with v4 and now 
you suggest I learn a new format, (and forget the old) just because there is
kind of a bug in the v4 code? 
Maybe that's the only option, but after a couple years with ipset I am
expected to be happy with those changes?
As far as I can see they were not even necessary; just set name-type changes.

As I have previously stated, v4 has issues that I was unable to resolve. see
If I must move to the new code I can do that, but I am not very convinced v6 is
actually a marked improvement. By the time I learn to use it, you may change
the format again...

Great module but becomming less user friendly at every change. 
So if v4 is history, please let us know we 'must' upgrade for reliability. 

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