[Bug 619] If /proc/sys/kernel/modprobe is absent, errno is clobbered in get_modprobe

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Mon Nov 9 17:17:32 CET 2009


------- Comment #1 from rbarnhardt at bluecatnetworks.com  2009-11-09 17:17 -------
I think you can actually see this occurring as a side effect to this fellow's
problem: <http://markmail.org/message/vctosd7srbeo4hgu>: presumably a
monolithic kernel, malloc() "fails" during iptc_init() (returns 0 for a 0-byte
allocation), so the error should have been ENOMEM.  Instead, he received the
"no chain/target/match" message that I indicated earlier.

(I'm not suggesting the actual problem here had anything to do with this bug; I
realise it didn't, I'm just referencing the error message.)

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