[Bug 586] Problems changing the source address of a packet

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------- Comment #4 from jengelh at medozas.de  2009-03-30 18:03 -------
nf_conntrack already recorded the connection with the given <src,dst,...> addr
tuple, and changing them leads to confusion (ultimately dropping it) — at
least for when this is done within the kernel, e.g. an Xtables target.
(libnetfilter_queue is exempt because skbs are new ones, with skb->nfct reset,
when packets are received from userspace.)

Modifications to the packet that involve parts of this tuple need to be done in
the raw table (or rawpost for outgoing traffic). raw runs before connection
tracking, and rawpost (available via an Xtables-addons branch ATM) runs
afterwards, hence ct would never see the original addresses and thus have no
way to get confused.

An alternative is that you remove the nfct entry from the tuplehash array and
reinsert it with the new tuple but that may mean more hairy code.

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