[Bug 625] IN/SRC, OUT/DST, SPT/DPT are backwards in LOG when used with a VLAN

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ToddAndMargo at verizon.net changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
            Summary|IN/SRC, OUT/DST backwards in|IN/SRC, OUT/DST, SPT/DPT are
                   |LOG when used with a VLAN   |backwards in LOG when used
                   |                            |with a VLAN

------- Comment #1 from ToddAndMargo at verizon.net  2009-12-12 05:13 -------
Here is the LOG from when I was trying to create a rule to allow Cobian's eMail
report out.  This was triggered by Cobian's SMTP configuration "test":

Nov  3 18:13:52 server kernel: dsl-for Everything Else IN=eth1 OUT=eth0.5
SRC= DST= LEN=52 TOS=0x00 PREC=0x00 TTL=61 ID=0 DF

Again, note that IN and OUT, SRC and DST are backwards.  I actually opened a
trouble ticket at my ISP ( as to why they were sending me a SYN
packet on port 25.  (Into everyone's life a little humility must fall.)

By the way, on the above the SPT and DPT are backwards as well.

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