[Bug 443] 2.6 kernel failing in NAT with significant outbound traffic

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Sun Mar 5 20:45:43 CET 2006


------- Additional Comments From nothingel at hotmail.com  2006-03-05 20:45 MET -------
I began using older kernels in an effort to discover WHICH version had the
"problem" and that's when I discovered the "liberal" setting.  My "real" system
is Fedora Core 4 running 2.6.15.  Without the "liberal" option (set to "0"), the
problem I've been describing _does_ exist.

With the liberal option enabled (set to "1"), 2.6.15 becomes as reliable as
2.6.8 (and prior).

At this point, I'm content to continue using the "liberal" option
indefinitely...but I am also willing to help diagnose this further if anyone is

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