[Bug 75] The "TIME" module fails fail to shift time at start/end of daylight savings

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------- Additional Comments From netfilter at linuxace.com  2004-09-25 00:27 CEST -------
The time match makes use of the kernel's sys_tz.tz_minuteswest variable, which
is set at boot (typically in rc.sysinit) by /sbin/hwclock.  The kernel itself
has no idea about daylight savings time (DST) -- this is a userspace concern.  

As such, there is really no way of making the time match follow DST short of
adding the timezone infrastructure to the kernel -- which will never happen.

So, my only suggestion is to do the following when DST changes occur:

hwclock --systohc ; hwclock --hctosys

which will update the kernel's tz_minuteswest to the appropriate value based
upon the current GMT offset.  This could even be done in a cron at 3am on the
date of changes.

I'll submit a patch shortly to add a warning about the limitations of the time
match, but other than that, there is little that can be done to workaround this

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