[Bug 48] conntrack breaks udp path mtu discovery

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Wed, 25 Feb 2004 15:05:45 +0100


------- Additional Comments From tatonet@tiscali.it  2004-02-25 15:05 -------
I know that this is an old bug report, but it's still opened...  
If we save the size of each single fragment we have to face another problem: 
how should we re-fragment the packet if original fragments were partially or 
totally overlapped? 
Another approach could be the following: 
if the DF flag is set in the fragments of a packet, the maximum length 
fragment determines the fate of the whole packet during routing.   
A possible solution could be to save the maximum length of fragments in 
PRE_ROUTING. Then we can use this maximum length to re-fragment on 
POST_ROUTING (possibly producing more or less fragments than received) and we 
can set the DF flag on fragments. 
In this way NAT can shrink or enlarge packets without causing any problem. 
(yes, I know... my English is terrible... ;) ) 

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