[Bug 22] Linux kernel crashes when incoming/outgoing interfaces differ

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Tue, 04 Mar 2003 23:10:10 +0100


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------- Additional Comments From laforge@netfilter.org  2003-03-04 23:10 -------
I have now tried to reproduce this bug by creating the same test setup. 
Unfortunately I'm not able to reproduce it.

However, your claim is definitely vaild, at least in the --reject-with tcp-reset
case.  The new skb is allocated prior to the routing decision, and we thus might
run out of headroom in the skb.

When sending an ICMP unreachable, we first make the routing decision and then
allocate the new skb according to the hh_len of the outgoing interface.  I don't
see how your problem can ever happen when you reject with an ICMP packet.

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