[Bug 104] Bytes/packets counters sometimes give incorrect values

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Mon, 30 Jun 2003 17:20:32 +0200


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------- Additional Comments From laforge@netfilter.org  2003-06-30 17:20 -------
what about 'strace -ff -o /tmp/iptables -- /sbin/iptables 2>/dev/null', probably
put the whole command into an extra shell (sh -c) ?

your calling program does most likely need only stdout from iptables, not
stderr.  So you can safely discard stderr output of strace with '2>/dev/null'

Providing a special iptables binary with syslog debugging would be possible, but
this needs means lots of preparation here on my side ...

btw: is it possible in your setup, that two iptables processes are started

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