[Bug 104] Bytes/packets counters sometimes give incorrect values

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Mon, 23 Jun 2003 15:54:09 +0200


------- Additional Comments From slava@maze.ambernet.kiev.ua  2003-06-23 15:54 -------
I was try to play with strace some houers, but I can't find how it's possible to
make strace in this case :( The iptables command, as I was write is starting in
many threads at the same time every 5 minutes. I can change "/sbin/iptables" at
"strace -o file iptables", but as I see, strace always rewrite his output file,
and also don't write the process number with strace lines. With -ff options
strace is write not only in output file, but also to stderr, and also rewrite
his output, which will be make problem for program, which is calling iptables
(it is analyse output of iptables). Also, the problem is appear "sometimes" -
1-2 numbers per day and not always in one time. It is depend from system load
average, but only depend. 
  Possibly I don't know all futures of strace. If it is exist options for
strace, which can to write strace output to file and not overwrite previouse
output, and not write any to terminal, please e-mail it to me - I can't
understand how I can to do this :( I will be thinking more, but now I don't know :( 
But I think it is possible other way. If you send me the iptables binary or
sources in which you put the syslog command in the places which can help to find
problem, with facility local1 or local0 with ident,porcess id and timestamp,
which can be help to extract lines, generated by iptables, I can write it to my
system and after truobles, I will be extracting parts of log in places, where
error was and send back to you. It's possibly ?

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