[Bug 47] conntrack breaks nfs, corrupted packets

bugzilla-daemon@netfilter.org bugzilla-daemon@netfilter.org
Sun, 06 Jul 2003 01:52:28 +0200


------- Additional Comments From kaber@trash.net  2003-07-06 01:52 -------
Bug status can be changed to invalid, i managed to reproduce the ill 
behaviour without anything of netfilter compiled in.

The malformed packets can be triggered by cating something over a ssh 
connection while transfering data at high speed, it "feels" like the card is
getting packets too fast and corrupts them. i believe the nfs + ip_conntrack
combination has similar effects like cat because ip_conntrack causes bursts
in the nfs case because the inter-packet spacing is lost due to defragmentation.
non-bursty traffic doesn't cause this effect.

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