[ANNOUNCE] libnetfilter_conntrack 1.0.3 release

Pablo Neira Ayuso pablo at netfilter.org
Mon Mar 4 16:42:15 CET 2013


The Netfilter project proudly presents:

        libnetfilter_conntrack 1.0.3

libnetfilter_conntrack is a userspace library providing a programming
interface (API) to the in-kernel connection tracking state table. The
library libnetfilter_conntrack has been previously known as
libnfnetlink_conntrack and libctnetlink.

See ChangeLog that comes attached to this email for more details.

You can download it from:


Have fun!
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Florian Westphal (2):
      qa: fix handling of ATTR_HELPER_INFO attribute
      conntrack: fix nfct_clone with certain attribute data types

Jan Engelhardt (1):
      build: resolve automake-1.12 warnings

Pablo Neira Ayuso (5):
      refresh our public copy of nfnetlink_conntrack.h
      Merge branch 'next' into libnetfilter_conntrack master branch
      qa: fix bogus eror in test_api
      qa: add final OK message after checking release of clone objects
      build: bump version to 1.0.3

Thomas Jarosch (1):
      Fix logic typo in cmp_secctx

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