[ANNOUNCE] Release of iptables-

Pablo Neira Ayuso pablo at netfilter.org
Mon Apr 6 13:38:14 CEST 2009

The netfilter coreteam presents:

     iptables version

the iptables release for the 2.6.29 kernel. This version includes
accumulated bugfixes for the previous release from Jan Engelhardt and
Peter Volkov. Check the Changelog file for more details.

Remember that iptables >= 1.4.3 starts enforcing the deprecation of NAT
filtering that was added in 1.4.2-rc1, filtering rules in the NAT tables
will cause an error instead of a warning from now on. Please make sure
your rulesets are update appropriately.

Version can be obtained from:


On behalf of the Netfilter Core Team.
Happy firewalling!

"Los honestos son inadaptados sociales" -- Les Luthiers

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