[ANNOUNCE]: Release of iptables-

Pablo Neira Ayuso pablo at netfilter.org
Tue Mar 24 14:08:11 CET 2009

The netfilter coreteam presents:

     iptables version

the iptables release for the 2.6.29 kernel. This version includes a
compilation fix and a couple of minor fixes:

- compilation error fix from Peter Volkov

- documentation update from Jan Engelhardt

- cleanup error reporting by myself.

Check out the Changelog for more details.

Remember that this release (and 1.4.3) starts enforcing the deprecation
of NAT filtering that was added in 1.4.2-rc1, filtering rules in the NAT
tables will cause an error instead of a warning from now on. Please make
sure your rulesets are update appropriately.

Version can be obtained from:


On behalf of the Netfilter Core Team.
Happy firewalling!

"Los honestos son inadaptados sociales" -- Les Luthiers
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