[ANNOUNCE] conntrack-tools 0.9.11 released

Pablo Neira Ayuso pablo at netfilter.org
Sat Feb 21 18:40:03 CET 2009


The netfilter project presents another development release of the
conntrack-tools that includes accumulated fixes, one improvement for the
polling approach and a couple of new features, mainly:

= command line interface: conntrack =

*  Allow use of -D with -p proto --state to delete entries in a certain
protocol state.

= userspace daemon: conntrackd =

* Fix endianess issue in the network header used in the synchronization
messages: this fix breaks backward protocol compatibility. Thus, you
cannot use conntrackd 0.9.11 with a different daemon version <= 0.9.10.

* Add Nice clause to set the nice value of the daemon: setting a lower
nice value reduces the chance to lose state-change events over netlink.

* Improved polling (or batch-based) synchronization: this feature was
introduced in the previous release, you can configure the daemon to send
batches periodically instead of the soft real-time state
synchronization. This allows you to set up a relaxed replication while
consuming less computational resources. See `PollSecs' clause.

* Add NetlinkOverrunResync clause: this feature allows
disabling/enabling the automatic re-synchronization when the daemon
notices that is losing state-change events.

Q: How stable are the conntrack-tools?
A: This software is under development. Nevertheless, it has been tested
in a cluster environment composed of two stateful firewalls running
Debian 4.0 (Etch) with a Linux kernel 2.6.28, keepalived 1.1.15, using
conntrackd in FT-FW mode, randomly (in periods of 10 seconds) setting
links down to force the fail-over between the nodes. The results has
shown no hangs/closure in any TCP connection.

Q: What are the conntrack-tools?
A: The conntrack-tools are:

- The userspace daemon so-called conntrackd that covers the specific
aspects of stateful Linux firewalls to enable high availability
solutions. It can be used as statistics collector of the firewall use as
well. The daemon is highly configurable and easily extensible.

- The command line interface (CLI) conntrack that provides an interface
to add, delete and update flow entries, list current active flows in
plain text/XML, current IPv4 NAT'ed flows, reset counters, and flush the
complete connection tracking table among many other.

Q: Where can I download it from?
A: http://www.netfilter.org/projects/conntrack-tools/downloads.html

Q: Where can I get more information about them?
A: http://conntrack-tools.netfilter.org

Q: Where can I have a look at the user manual?
A: http://conntrack-tools.netfilter.org/manual.html

On behalf of the Netfilter Project,

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