[ANNOUNCE] libnfnetlink release 0.0.30

Pablo Neira Ayuso pablo at netfilter.org
Tue Jul 31 11:26:31 CEST 2007


The netfilter project proudly presents libnfnetlink 0.0.30

libnfnetlink is the low-level library for netfilter related
kernel/userspace communication. It provides a generic messaging
infrastructure for in-kernel netfilter subsystems (such as
nfnetlink_log, nfnetlink_queue, nfnetlink_conntrack) and their
respective users and/or management tools in userspace.

You can download it from:


Pablo (on behalf of the Netfilter Project)

"Será preciso viajar a través de los ojos de los idiotas" -- Poeta en
Nueva York -- Federico García Lorca.
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libnfnetlink 0.0.30

Changes from 0.0.25:

- update linux_nfnetlink.h from kernel sources
	[Pablo Neira Ayuso]

- remove the nest bit: we don't send it to kernel anymore
	[Pablo Neira Ayuso]

- remove linux/types.h include from libnfnetlink.h
	[Eric Leblond]

- introduce index2interface API
	[Eric Leblond]

- added a test file to utils/iftest.c
	[Pablo Neira Ayuso]

- compile fix with old glibc
	[Thomas Jarosch]

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