[ADM] netfilter.org scheduled downtime

Harald Welte laforge at netfilter.org
Mon Apr 3 09:23:51 CEST 2006


Starting at 10am GMT today, April 1st 2006 netfilter.org/gnumonks.org
will experience a multi-hour administrative downtime.

All machines ({vishnu,lakshmi,durga}.netfilter.org,ganesha.gnumonks.org}
will be moved to a different rack for thermal reasons.

In addition, one new machine will be placed (parvati.netfilter.org)
next to them in the new rack.

For www access, I suggest using one of our many mirrors, reachable under
their individual www.CCTLD.netfilter.org or as a round-robin dns record

svn, bugzilla, mailinglists and other services will be unreachable, sorry.

- Harald Welte <laforge at netfilter.org>                 http://netfilter.org/
  "Fragmentation is like classful addressing -- an interesting early
   architectural error that shows how much experimentation was going
   on while IP was being designed."                    -- Paul Vixie
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